Styling your Home

How does a stylist  present your house to make it attractive to potential buyers?

  • Give every space a specific function.

  • De-clutter all spaces. Remove personal items like trophies ornament collections etc.

  • Remove items that block views.

  • Style your house so neutral, light and spacious as possible.

  • Repair broken lights, switches, taps, doors etc.

  • Replace defective bulbs.

  • Cleanliness is key.

  • Tidy the outside spaces and garden . 

  • Wash windows.


A vastgoed stylist knows how to style a house to make it attractive to buyers. Vastgoedstyling is very different from interieur styling. A buyer wants to see the potential of the house, not how pretty it looks.

Potential buyers form a picture in their minds of how to utilise different spaces in a house. Most buyers look for space, atmosphere and light in a house. Keep it as neutral as possible.

Below are some pointers for stylists and home owners: