Personal Styling services

Getting dressed in the morning has never been so simple and I feel so much more confident !

I used to think that personal styling is only for the rich and famous. Not! Think of all the money you spend on clothes that you don't wear or don't feel good in . I do believe that each person is different and should be styled according to what they want the world to see about them and still be stylish. A better version of yourself.

And no, it is not about a makeover or ditching half of your clothes . It is about "saving" as many items as we can, about educating you on your best fits and colours and about sustainable and smart shopping.

If you :

  • simply don't like shopping for clothes or you don't have the time to shop

  • buy clothes that you don't wear 

  • lost weight and need to buy new clothes or need style advice - new body , new wardrobe

  • have a cupboard full of clothes but don't know what to wear 

  • find it hard to keep up with the trends

  • choosing something to wear causes you frustration and stress,

then read further.....

The Way I work 

  • Firstly I want to find out who you are and what you want to achieve with the way you dress. For example: business look, casual, special occasion, new you, job interview, more professional, business casual , you've lost weight and need new clothes etc. 

  • I do a consultation and you fill in a questionnaire

  • I do a figure, colour, style analysis and determine which garments, shoes etc are best for your body type, complexion etc.

  • I assess what you have in your own cupboard. Do you need  wardrobe restyling/ wardrobe edit? 

  • I will make recommendations on how to mix and match your own clothes and what you need to add 

  • I will give you outfit ideas that will help you save time and keep you from getting frustrated when getting dressed

  • If you prefer,  I can do personal shopping for you or we can do an online version 

  • I can make up a look-book for you personally

  • I also do recommendations for travelling outfits. Look your best on your next business trip or island vacation!

  • Then there is also the special occasion! An awards evening or special dinner! I would love to help you

  • I have a special interest in expats who are moving to the Netherlands. Before you start buying a new wardrobe for Dutch weather, consult me for advice. Online advice can be arranged  

  • I offer workshops for shops, businesses, private parties etc.                               

  • As you can see the options are limitless - most important is to get started

 Wardrobe Restyling

"Having a well organised updated cupboard instills calmness and creates order in your head "
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If you don't have a well organised and updated cupboard, choosing something to wear can cause frustration and stress. By organising your cupboard, you create calmness and order in your head. I use a special method that will help you choose your outfits easier and create new sets from your own clothing. I assess what is missing in your cupboard. Together we can decide which style is best for you, your body type, your personality, circumstances and budget. 

​Personal Shopping

"Trends pass , but Style remains"

We often shop clothes that don't fit us or just feels uncomfortable. A personal shopper help you choose clothing that suits you and makes you feel confident and happy. As part of my passion and work, I keep up with trends and know where to shop. Personal shopping can be done on my own or with you, the client. We can decide on a budget and work accordingly. Remember choosing wisely will make you feel confident and save you money. 


Online Styling 

Online styling can be done. I do an intake session via zoom , discuss options according to what the need of the client is. I put a personal style guide together and give advice on how to make sets from your own cupboard. There are many different options.


Workshop options are available for small or large groups, Corporate Companies, or a group of friends together for a lunch or evening with trend updates and style advise. 

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