New Body New Wardrobe

Before you go ahead and buy a new wardrobe - read this

I fully understand . You have worked so hard to lose this weight and now none of your clothes fit  OR you're still stuck with your old body image and like to wear your now too big clothes . Before you rush out and shop , do the following :

  1. Do a full wardrobe edit - see what you can keep and what can go

  2. Make a list of what you need

  3. Start with basics

  4. Add statement items

  5. Remember , de-clutter your cupboard to clear your mind and make space for the new you. 

  6. I can help you with this . I have spent years looking for clothes that fit my body and spent too much on items I don't wear. Now I have a plan . PLANNING is important in this process . You may not have the budget to fix everything at once . 

Charlotte - Ellen.jpg

Meet Charlotte . Charlotte has lost 13 kg when she joined Take 2 in Hilversum . What an achievement . We used her own clothes in her cupboard for these photos.. We will do a wardrobe restyling once she has reached her goal weight.