About Me

Hi, I am Reta Visser. I grew up in South Africa and now live in the beautiful Netherlands.

I am passionate about people and everything unique and beautiful . It can be garments, interior, nature, sunsets and of course the ocean. I am an island person but adjusted to city life.


From an early age I escaped into a world of clothes, shoes, garments and interior shops whenever I could. I owned a boutique in Cape Town for 3 years. I love hearing other peoples stories. I come from a family of estate agents and therefore gained experience in how important  first impressions are when you want to sell a house. That is why I decided to call my business All About Style , because whether its a house or your personal image. First Impressions count ! (Eerste Indrukke tel!)

I have an eye for selecting unique garments and styles that compliment people. And it does not always have to cost a fortune! I have always kept up with the trends, but I believe style is something else. Its an extension of yourself - the way the world sees you. It's that first impression that you make. My personal style is casual, slightly bohemian but I worked in a corporate environment for 20 years, so dressing for work is part of my experience. I am not label conscious. I buy garments and shoes from many stores all over the world.

Fullbody styled photo 1 - DSC_4073 - 201

Styling of houses to sell, is another interest of mine. I  have learnt to make a house "verkoopklaar" ( ready to sell ) and to arrange a house for the photographs.

I qualified as a personal stylist through Styleschool by Danie in Amsterdam. I also completed courses in verkoopstyling and house photography.