All About Style

by Reta

"Create Your own Sunshine"

"Live a Clutter free life"


        I can help you to:

  • De-Clutter and update your cupboard

  • Create a plan with your shopping . Buy what suits your body type and personality 

  • I do your clothing shopping for you to save time

  • Update your style to boost your confidence 

  • Help to dress for that special occasion

  • Do workshops for corporate, retail or private groups

Personal Styling
Couch With Pillows

A clients first impression ( Eerste Indruk ) of a house he/she wants to buy or rent  is usually what they see on Funda and other websites.

Vastgoedstyling : I use the House of KIKI aproach which is a hands-on method to style your house to make it "verkoopklaar" - ready to sell.

Woning Fotografie:Good, professional home photos will get the client through your front door . I am a certified woning fotograaf that can take photos of your home , ready to put on Funda or other platforms. 

Home Staging and Home Photography

Trends change but Style remains

Personal Styling Tips

I do what I love and it is Styling of people and houses to create a good  first impression 

I am passionate about helping others to look good and feel confident without changing who they are

About Me


Reta Visser

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